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With over 15 years of immersive experience in the dynamic realms of filmmaking and photography, Jessica Hernandez Wynn, an independent filmmaker of Puerto Rican descent, is the visionary founder behind Wynning Entertainment. Her journey began in the performing arts and makeup artistry for T.V. and Film. From there she  grew a passion for capturing life's fleeting moments and evolved into a mastery of storytelling through the lens. Over the years, professional relationships and trust were developed among other fellow filmmakers and in 2016, Wynning Entertainment was officially established.


Fueled by creativity, expertise, and an unyielding commitment to quality, Wynning Entertainment has become the leading team of passionate and professional  filmmakers in the Central Texas region. 

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"The success of every project comes down to having

the best team on the job. We are that team."

~ Jessica Hernandez Wynn (CEO) ~

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